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So what is so great about Lucky Dog! Day Care and

As dog owners, we know how guilty we feel when we spend so much time away
from home. Many busy career people drop their dogs off at Lucky Dog! Dog Day
Care on their way to work and pick them up on their way home.

*   Dogs are  happy and tired when they go home!
*   Dogs learn good social skills.
*   Obedience training is part of the daily activities
*   Your pet will have plenty of exercise leaving you guilt free if it is too cold or too
hot for a walk.
*   Behavior at home will improve as a result of a day or more a week at daycare
*   Your dog will not be bored or lonely
*   Friday night when you leave for that Fish Fry - your dog will be already exercised

Many of our clients say their dogs are happy and tired when they pick them up. At
Lucky Dog! Dog Day Care our philosophy is to provide a safe, fun and healthy
atmosphere interacting with both dogs and humans. Our goal is to keep as many
dogs as possible out of shelters!  Dogs can participate in group play, chew a toy,
and hang out with humans in the office or playrooms. Our human clients receive
updates at the end of the day if we have noticed any change in dog behavior or
health. Dogs requiring special needs are welcome, whether it is a midday meal or
medications. We group dogs by size, play style and temperament. We have both an
indoor and outdoor play areas.  For more information give us a call at 262-363-5951
or e-mail us at
What was in that
Jasper finally decided what he is
going to wear to the Saint Paddy's
Day Party!!!!!
I'm sexy and I know it!
Lucky Dog!  Dog Day Care Inc Mukwonago WI
I am your host Jake! Welcome to
Lucky Dog!
Wow!  You are so smart
Hang with me and I will teach you
everything I know!
If you are wondering if we are open or not due to bad  
weather call us at 262.363.5951 We will leave message on
answering machine if we are closed due to the weather.
Mr Frodo always brings his castle
with him!
Remington has her Glam on for the Saint
Paddy's Party!
Mr Frodo will be the judge for all
of the Saint Paddy's Day games
Ok Louie! Thats enough!
Get your wet nose off my chest!
Looks like the ice cream man to me!
Loving my new chair in the
puppy room!
Let me just check out the back of
your head!
Puppy and Small Dog Area
Jasper and Jasper!
Awww the country life!
Clean air and the scent of pheasants
Benji all decked out waiting or the Saint
Paddy's Day Party!!!!!
Welcome to our puppy room!
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  Bryn and Ike became fast friends
after boarding this weekend!
The small dogs love their new room
       We Moved!!! We are Now At 770 Swan in Mukwonago